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… then I suggest appending your initials or other distinguishing mark; e.g. Fred Flintstone might send me an email bryan.ff ‘at’ brycom etc.

SPAM I hate spam emails, and I reserve the right to download 100GB of data from each spamvertised site in spam emails that I receive.
I have upgraded my ADSL from 256Kbps to 2Mbps. You have been warned.
I use SpamVampire, with some ‘local modifications’ to bypass some tricks that spammy users to stop Spam Vampire working.
I’m also working on a Rotating Proxies idea.


2009/02 Currently looking for work. C#/C++, dotNet, Graphics, algorithms, ...

2008/07 Working at SIMPL on Real Estate company with Rental Management System

2008/02 Working for North Shore City Council on Remote SQL Server monitoring etc

2007/12 Working for Northland District Health Board - SQL2000 DTS to SQL2005 SSIS conversion stuff, VB.Net code etc

2007/12 Left SoftTech to do C#(C Sharp)/dotNet contracting

2004/07 Start working for SoftTech on C#(C Sharp)/dotNet graphical design program

2003/07 Resume work on C#(C Sharp)/dotNet Garage graphical design program

2003/06 Return to NZ unexpectedly when son (in Japan) gets very ill and repatriated to NZ.

2003/04 My wife and I fly to stay England, via USA. Spend 11 days in USA, visiting Grand Canyon and friends in Estes Park, Colorado.

2001/10/01 I am back in New Zealand, and looking for interesting work. My wife's hip is improved, and I intend to stay around for my son's last year at school (which finishes end of 2002)

2001/09/10 Arrive back in New Zealand, after flying through USA one day before “September 11”

2000/12/31 – 2001/01/01 The family saw in New Year watching Big Ben tick over from the Embankment

2000/12/25 The family spent Christmas Day in Swiss Alps

2000/05/31 Left to do a "tour of duty" in Europe, working in Switzerland and London

1999/08/31 I am back in NZ now. My wife needs urgent hip surgery so I thought it a good idea to pop back to provide some TLC.
I have now added Pascal to my CV (see following story).

What have I been doing in London?
Within a week of arriving, I had a 2 week contract arranged for 'Assembler conversion'. Someone (not me!) stuffed up the job spec big time - the program files had an extension on .PAS and were, unsurprisingly, Pascal; my previous commercial experience of it was zero. Often I tell recruitment agencies that specific language experience is irrelevant, but everyone seems too blinkered. The client was so (dis)satisfied with my 'lack of experience' that after two weeks they gave me a rate increase and one week extension to do further work. A three month extension followed, followed by .. never mind, you get the picture.

The above may sound somewhat precocious, but I would remind you that with virtually every contract I have had, the client has asked for an extension, even with a rate increase. Whilst your clients are looking for a one-dimensional blinkered people to fill a nominal role, they are missing out on the opportunity to actually add value to their business with a multi-faceted person like myself.


 Brycom Data Ltd has been around since 1981. For contact details, click here or just scroll down a bit.

Its principal, Bryan White, has over 30 years experience with computers
If you want his shorter, more up-to-date (actually a few years old now!) (7 pages or so) CV (Word Format), click here

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Y2K Issues: Here are some ramblings, including work that I've written.

* FREE TIP to anyone writing date calculation algorithms - Think about

* An article I had published June 1997 on Y2K. Click here to read
(It has an interesting formula to calculate Western Easter, but watch out: the Western & Eastern churches are considering changing the method to use Jerusalem as the epoch. Bye bye Nicea[I think]).

* For one Y2K project team of 12 being put together by a very large organisation, I was asked to submit

I failed to secure a place on the team for that contract: I was told that I was "over qualified".
How experienced a person do you want working on YOUR system?
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